Thursday 9 June 2022

Kefir on the go

 I am slowly getting used to the Kefir once it is slightly flavoured. I leave it to ferment for about 24 hours as I don't like it too fizzy. However doing it for that time means it stays like a slightly thickened milk rather than a double cream consistency. I am currently using 1 pint mason jars.

Here it is ready to strain. Most of the grains are floating on the top but some have sunk. The purple thing on the top is know as a pickle pipe and allows the fermenting gas to escape without the potential for exploding jars. You don't need these as you can just rest a lid on top:

Strained through a clean nylon sieve (don't use metal anywhere in the process). You can see the grains starting to look a little like very soft cottage cheese. After less than a week, they have grown probably 6 - 8 fold:

The jar on the left is the fermenting jar with the grains and 1 1/2 cups of whole fresh milk back in it. It is best to the fermenting jar only a few times (2 or 3) before cleaning it thoroughly. The jar on the right is the freshly strained Kefir. This jar now lives in the fridge with a cap, resting or very slightly screwed on. It must not be tight as the mixture is still fermenting but very slowly:

Its still the same purple pickle pipe even though it looks blue here!


  1. I tried kefir for about a fortnight a few years ago, I had stomach upsets nearly every day whilst having it (oddly enough) and I didn't like the taste at all!

    1. Some can’t eat it. I have read that it’s best to start with a teaspoon at a time, then if guts ok, a tablespoon at a time, slowly building it up. A recommendation for intolerance is to try letting the first strain each time, ferment on the countertop instead of going into the fridge before straining again. That is supposed to help. I only ferment for an average of 24 hours.

  2. What an interesting process. I am not sure if I would try it but I am enjoying your posts about the process.

    God bless.

    1. It is nearly second nature now and the process is certainly speeding up. Had a kefir smoothie this morning, very nice.


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