Tuesday 25 April 2023

Crispy vegetable peelings

 I used one parsnip, two potatoes and 4 carrots for the base of a soup. The peelings were kept in cold water for a short while, until the soup was cooking.

Drained and thoroughly dried on an old tea towel, they had just 2 teaspoons of oil and seasoning added.

The air fryer was set to air fry and 15 minutes. I tossed and shook them every 2 minutes and after 10 minutes, they were ready:

The yield was half a cereal bowl. They were cripsy, tasty and gone within 5 minutes! Obviously they would go soft after a while but still be tasty and would make nice toppings for things if cooked just in time for serving a meal/soup or even a sandwich!


  1. What a great idea, thanks!

  2. Interesting to see how you cook soup. I made my own chili for dinner tonight. It was delicious and there's leftovers as well.

    1. The vegetables were just part of the soup, I just wanted to see what else could be done with the peelings rather than just compost them.


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