Tuesday 4 April 2023

Greenhouse update

Water butts have now been added around the back. We had planned to have them on the front so as not to create any shade but the greenhouse has a very slight lean towards the back and that is where the gutters drain better:

Will need to level up the front one. A small 'wee' hole has been drilled in the opposite side for when they get too full. Sealing of any unused pre-drilled screw holes has been done (rain forecast for Thursday so that will test for leaks). DB has just started sealing where the metal base joins the wood inside. Then he will do the same on the outside. We are trying to stop all leaks as where water can get in, so can the wind!

It looks like we may have a problem with the water table though, as we sit on about 18" of meadow loam with a partial clay base under that. There are always little puddles sitting on the gravel which do drain away. It may just be that the soil in the greenhouse is very damp due to being stood on and the very wet March.

We aim on raising up the soil level as high as possible. Grit, compost and leaf mould will be added to the soil. A job for outside on a tarp methinks where we can get stuck in without fear of damaging the inside of the greenhouse.

Summer will be fine but if next winter, the soil is still sodden, then we will have to remove it (can be added to our raised beds), infill the greenhouse and will have to grow in pots. Time will tell.


  1. I hope sorting it out isn't too much hassle for you. xx

  2. Your greenhouse set up looks wonderful. I love the water barrels.

    God bless.

  3. It looks great, we have had that much rain today if I had a rain butt it would be full already. Rain, rain go away ....


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