Friday 21 April 2023

Stinky mess!

 Yesterday we awoke to that familiar stink of dog illness:( 

Two lots of diarrhoea and one vomit, in her crate and her rear end covered in it. So, 06:45 saw us hosing her down, double shampooing the worst of it. Boy it stinks! Then we had to tackle her bedding, hosing down then quickly into the washing machine, along with several towels, for a hot wash.

Left her in the front room whilst we dashed to make a cup of tea. Found she had vomited again over another bed plus rug and leaked out the other end.

Hosed her back end again, and twice more during the morning. The washing machine was on 4 times before the end of the morning.

Luckily we had good weather so got most of it line dried and she spent the morning out in the sun once she stopped shivering.

Rice, pumpkin and two tree bark powders throughout the day, gradually got on top of things and today, she is a lot happier if still a bit whiffy!

Cancelled a planned vaccination and rearranged that. Another day of natural medication and light food and hopefully we will be through this event.


  1. Oh no, poor Ruby! I hope she gets well soon.
    I've been so sad for just over a week. On 11th April our 14mth old black lab died suddenly and unexpectedly, right in front of my eyes, at home, within 2 mins! A perfectly normal day up to that point, no illness, just a big howl, 3 deep breaths and then died. The vet says cardiac related undiagnosed. We are devastated, he was like our 4th child.

    1. Oh no, I am so sorry. Ruby is a little better today so hopefully back to herself tomorrow.

  2. I am glad that Ruby is feeling better. I hope she is totally back to normal tomorrow.

    God bless.

  3. My condolences to Mrs LH.
    Poor Ruby it must be awful for her to be unwell (at both ends). We all love our dogs (and other pets) and do the best we can for them.


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