Thursday 11 July 2013


Firstly, welcome to my new followers Home and Garden, Shelly and Kim O'Sullivan.

Our iron has finally given up the ghost. Its thermometer has been messing about for ages, resulting in flooding over the clothes at no notice or else, it would just stop steaming. We have had it for many years. DB is capable of mending it but it would have cost more than buying a new one. Shocking really but as its ironing plate was also scratched, starting to stick and getting troublesome, it had to go.

Never to be outdone if at all possible, DB took it apart. Look what was inside, presumably it works its way in there whilst ironing!

We had our first home-grown new potatoes yesterday, a variety called Rocket. They tasted lovely but fell apart as I tossed them in seasoning - maybe slightly overdone. We don't have room to grow them freely in soil so we only planted 9 into 3 large containers.

Unfortunately, the compost was drying out too quickly and every time I watered, the water mostly ran away down the sides where it had shrunk away. I managed to keep them going for quite a while, but in the end, their tops died down prematurely.

Not expecting many, we checked the pot and got enough for 2 meals, cooked all at once.
If the other 2 containers are filled similarly, we shall get another 4 meals from them. Not many, but a treat all the same. We always like to have just a few, fresh from the garden, every year.

I sieved the old potato compost, added new to it and managed to 3/4 fill two other containers. In one I planted red beetroot, in the other, the rest of my mange-tout. Not to have peas but take cuttings of pea shoots for salad and stir fries. Hope they both produce!


  1. Thanks for the shout out. I enjoyed your posts about rationing. I don't think it was a severe here in the States as it was in the UK. I am tempted to give it a try.

  2. I agree, nowhere near as severe from what I have read. At times, the UK was only a few months away from little or no food. During those severe times, rations were cut further still. If bread had been rationed during, rather than after the war, goodness knows how folks would have coped.

  3. Wow, I had no idea that dust could get inside an iron! Makes me wonder if there's a way to clean it out.

    Good luck with your gardening!

    1. Me neither, learn something everyday!

  4. Our iron is playing up too, maybe I ought to get Tony to check ours out too.
    Just had a serving of our home grown potatoes this week, Tony couldnt believe how they tasted like 'real potatoes'!

  5. DB couldn't fix ours even though he can normally fix most things.


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