Friday 5 July 2013

More jam!

After throwing up yesterday morning and wrenching both my back and side, yesterday sort of passed in a bit of a haze of feeling uncomfortable. DB gave me a morning and evening rub with deep heat and although this morning my back is okay, my right side is still uncomfortable. Yesterday I managed to eat one banana, one teacake and a little rice and smidgen of curry. Ah well, these things are sent to try us.

Finally, after life things getting in the way, I managed to finish a batch of rhubarb and elderflower jam. It is one of those recipes where you start with fresh rhubarb (I only had frozen) and layer it with sugar to allow the juice to come out from the rhubarb. It should take a total of 3 days but mine took 4 1/2! The recipe can be found here  This site is truly wonderful for recipes!

Anyway, first of all I went to pick my elderflower heads and tied them into a fruit jelly straining bag and popped it at the bottom of a large bowl
Then layered the fruit and sugar over it
Then a small plate was placed on top to keep everything weighed down before cling film covered the bowl. I duly followed the recipe for the next stages.

After that, the rhubarb and sugary liquid was put into a saucepan and the elderflower bag squeezed well into it before being discarded.
The juice of the lemon was added and the whole she-bang boiled until setting point was reached. It was then potted into sterile jars. I managed to get this much from it

You can really taste the essence of the Elderflower's and the jam has a tart edge to it, lovely.


  1. Beautiful! Will certainly be giving this a go. Still need to get my elderflowers...but very busy this w/end as it's SHeringham Fesrival and the Mollys are dancing. Lxx

  2. hi,
    the jam looks good!! great combination!
    i have made elderflower taste good.
    have a nice day,

  3. Hope your side soon feels better.

    That jam does sound yummy :o)

  4. Hope the pain has worn off and that you're fighting fit to watch the semi-final! The jam looks lovely - I like jam that isn't too sweet and still have some of last year's rhubarb jam in the cupboard as it was one of the few things that grew really well.

    1. Just about there thank goodness. Fantastic semi-final. Must admit, couldn't see how Andy could beat that chap, such a hard server and then to come back from 4-1 down, amazing.

  5. This sounds lovely and I bet it would go with ice cream beautifully. I popped over to the website and have now bookmarked it as it really does av some great sounding recipes. Thanks for the tip off. Enjoy the sun this weekend x

    1. We tried the little jar on toast, very nice.

  6. Sorry I also meant to say I hope you feel better soon x


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