Sunday 7 July 2013

RAF Waddington Air Show 2013

We left home yesterday to travel to Waddington arriving in the queue at 08:15. We finally parked around 10:05 - not too bad as it happens as we only queued for the last mile or so. The temperature was around 27C, the sky was relatively clear but bright so most of our photographs didn't come out very well.

My all time favourite aircraft is the Lancaster bomber. Again our photograph's didn't come out too well. It did its usually stately display, at times accompanied by the other fantastic planes, the Hurricane and Spitfire.The markings for this year were different to these but I had to go here
on Wikipedia, to find a decent picture
File:Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Waddington Airshow 2010.jpg

Our second favourite plane, which we support, was the Avro Vulcan. When it takes off, the noise it makes is truly awesome.
If you have never seen or heard this beautiful aircraft fly, you need to do so soon. Not only does it desperately need funds to fly for next year, it's engines are reaching their deadline and there was talk at the show yesterday, that it's final flight will be 2015. See it's web site here

Finally, the Red Arrows - did get some of our own pictures for these

Luckily, the Red Arrows and Vulcan display were around 14:00, and we left after that. We were glad to get home and have a cup of tea. We covered up and wore hats but it was just too hot with all the heat coming off the tarmac.

We probably shan't go again now for a few years. Off to do some early morning gardening before settling down to watch Andy this after.

Andy, I know you won't ever have seen my blog but I, for one, am very proud of you, regardless of whether you win this afternoon or not. I get so fed up of the media putting so much pressure on you. Today, one such headline read "Come on Andy, make us proud".

Such a comment insinuates that we will only be proud of you if you win. To that, I say 'tosh'!


  1. Another one here who thinks ' Tosh'! I shall be engrossed this afternoon, and living every point!

    1. The media at times, makes me absolutely sick. Hope you enjoyed the match!

  2. Great photos..My all time favourite is the the Vulcan Bomber.. I used to love watching that at Mildenhall Airshow, I'm dead jealous you got to see it fly.
    My next favourite is the Spitfire which was also my late father's favourite and has one engraved on his headstone. I live not far from Bentwaters where the Grace Spitfire is housed, we often get her flying over, she's an awesome sight, it's like having our own personal air display in the garden.

    I agree with the Andy comments.. he has done us proud no matter what.
    Julie :o)

    1. If you check out the Vulcan to the Sky site, it might be displaying near you, you never know. Catch it whilst you still can.


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