Friday 19 July 2013

More vegetables

First of all, welcome to Jill via Bloglovin!

Here are some of the views of my raised vegetable beds. Bed 1 contains leeks - tiny still but hopefully they will improve!
Bed 2 has beetroot and lettuce (including some of the little gem supplied by Compostwoman!)
Bed 3 seems a little sparse as some things have given up the ghost but it contains a few carrots, 2 tomatillo's have now gone in the space between the carrots and some more little gem
Finally, the free-standing bed has broad beans and mange tout peas which we have just started harvesting for salads and stir fries
These 4 beds, along with the vegetables shown yesterday (end of patio and down the drive) house most of the vegetables we are growing. We did have 3 tubs of new potatoes and so far, have eaten two of those. I re-vamped the soil in them and have sown beetroot in one and the rest of the peas, for shoots, in the other.

I'll show you the fruit cage another time. It will need some work done in autumn as in places, the plants are too close together now that they are growing so well. Just finished the strawberries, gooseberries are almost ready and I had the first blueberry the other day.


  1. Your beds look better than mine do. I cant keep up to the watering at the moment.

    1. It is difficult isn't it but the bath water (with only a smidgen of bubble bath) is working fine on non-edibles. Once we have a storm (next week if we are lucky) that should help.

  2. I think it's all looking good. I especially like the look of the lettuce and beetroot combination. Leeks seem to last forever once they get going, so you'll probably end up with a freezer load plus what's left in the ground for next year. Leek and tattie soup this winter, by the looks of things. :)


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