Monday, 5 May 2014


Saturday afternoon, bolstered by the oxtail soup, saw us both in the garden. DB took most of the afternoon working at the back of the garage. He emptied two water butts into spare containers, disconnected, sorted out and reconnected. 

I decided to take the strawberries out of their long troughs and move them into one of my vegetable beds. They looked like they were struggling in the troughs and although I didn't really want to lose one of the vegetable beds, had no choice. The troughs will be utilized for quick vegetables.

Each trough was carried by us both and tipped onto a spare bed. Using a sharp carving knife, I cut the soil into chunks so as not to disturb the plants too much as most are in flower. They vary in age so were put into lines to keep each age group together. They should be able to stay in this bed for 2 years before the older ones are discarded and the whole lot moved to a new bed as part of my crop rotation.

One trough done:
Three to go:
All moved, 16 in total:
Three watering cans of water were given to them and as a cool night ensued, they didn't seem to notice the difference. They all seemed fine the next morning.

On Sunday, I finally got around to sowing my French and Runner beans - a bit behind but they can't go out for another few weeks anyway as flowers are in their bed! Also did a few other odds and sods, put in a new rose near the front water butt and DB continued with the mammoth water butt job around the back of the garage.


  1. Looking good! I'm doing alpine strawberries under the patio fruit trees this year.

    Don't over do it and do yourself a mischief!

    1. Finished now thank goodness. Just normal, reasonably light gardening to do from now on. Well done on getting your sewing machine sorted out.

  2. We haven't enough room for veggies so always enjoy reading about your planting DC. You have been busy. I've not been around for a while and guess I've missed a few of your posts, so a bit of catching up to do.
    Patricia x

    1. Good to know you enjoy reading. Our garden, front and back, is mainly flowers and plants, fruit etc but we have the purpose raised veggie beds and for summer, they are a boon.


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