Wednesday, 28 May 2014


At long last and after many a day of rain being forecast, it finally started at midnight, one day ago and went on and on yesterday, all day and night. The garden looks refreshed and there is a lovely smell of damp soil permeating the air.

I went to check on the water butts behind the garage and was pleased to see the final one (the black dustbin) was full. That means they are all full. The overflow from this one feeds into the pond which when full, overflows into its surrounding soil. All is well in that area as well.

It is forecast for us to have showers and sunshine, temperatures around 14C, what a difference from last week, when it was getting too hot for some of my seedlings and they have had to have fleece shading erected above them. Now my seedlings are inside one of the raised beds, protected by plastic troughs trying to stop them from drowning.

The tomatoes which were dark green and short, are now pale and lanky and desperately need planting out. I think I am going to have to plant them out tomorrow then protect them with fleece, as temperatures will be too low at night in a few days time. Where has the proper weather gone?  They too are under cover, which isn't helping their legginess.

The strawberries are all either in full flower or have fruits developing. I now need to get some protection put under them to try and keep the fruit from sitting directly on the soil. Today, even if I don't get around to doing that (due to the rain), DB is going to get my heavy duty plastic sheets on top of them to try and stop them drowning as well. They will be well ventilated, we just need to dry them off a little!

Mind you, not having Sky sports, it was great yesterday afternoon to sit and watch Andy Murray play in the French Open on ITV 4. When Indian Cricket is on, it moves sometime during the day onto ITV 3. We only get to watch him play when he is in the UK so this is an added bonus. Go Andy go!


  1. I am getting a little fed up with this rain too. Loads of plants still to go out in the veg plot and the garden, I popped out inbetween showers to plant lettuce and french beans and I daren't go and have a look incase they are floating! If its still raining at lunchtime I will nip out and rescue all the pots and put them in the greenhouse. We got wet through yesterda at the pond dipping :-( x

    1. Hopefully it is getting better but the forecasters say they are watching a system coming in from the North on Sunday!!! Anyway, come what may, I will be watching Andy play again this afternoon:)


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