Tuesday, 27 October 2015


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On the nights I can't get off to sleep properly I read. I am currently re-reading Mrs. Milburn's diary. She quoted some prices for August 1940 so I used the historic calculator to see how much they would be today!

Greengages 2d for 1 lb - now 49p
Other plums 1d for 1 lb - now 24p
Dozen Eggs 2s 6d - now £7.29p one month later £10.20p
Butter 1s 7d for 1 lb - now £4.62p
Milk 4d per pint - now 97p
Lemon 5d each - now £1.21p
Sweets 4s for 1lb - now £11.66p
Cox's Orange Pippin Apples 1s 3d for 1lb - now £3.64p
Blemheim Apples 11d for lb  - now £2.67p
Brazil Nuts 1s 3d for 1lb - now £3.64p
Fur Coat £37 - now £2157.25p 

She also mentions some prices from the First World War:

1 large chicken 22s 6d - now £69.71p
Evening Dress £18 18s - now £60.42p
Black Georgette £12 12s - now £40.28p
12 h.p. Rover Car £350 - now £21,687.64p 

Despite rationing, just because a lot of things were rationed didn't mean you could afford them. Mrs Milburn was probably what would be referred to as middle class.  


  1. Isn't it ironic that now, a bag of sweets costs much less than a dozen eggs! I am sure the nation's health would be greatly improved if sweets were that expensive today. Jamie Oliver wouldn't need to worry about his sugar tax!

    Interesting that cars are roughly comparable as well. Interesting post, thanks :-)

    1. Indeed. Mind you, we wouldn't be able to afford the eggs!

  2. And folk have the audacity to moan about high food prices now !!

    If farmers were paid 97p per pint of milk we would not have so many of them being pushed out of business and cheap imported milks being brought into the country.

    1. There would be a lot of just those things we would be hard pushed to buy!

  3. Interesting stuff and I'm moving Mrs Milburn to my pile of books to re-read as it's ages since I read it. When I can't get to sleep I listen to radio 4 - it's sooooo boring that I'm grateful to turn it off, turn over and off to sleep in a few minutes!

    1. I usually read drinking a glass of hot milk, after that, around 2:30am, I can go to sleep. Some nights are fine.

  4. Fascinating stuff DC! I read when I can't sleep, thenI put the radio on at 545 for Farming Today and after 6pm I often doze off again!

    1. DB is the same, he never remembers much of what he has heard!

  5. Sounds like a fun book to read! Have you read Diary of a Provincial Lady? I think that you would enjoy it if you did! xx

    1. No I haven't, must check it out, thanks.


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