Monday 26 October 2015

Slowly slowly ...

Welcome to a new follower via here. I'm afraid I can't see who you are but welcome anyway.

Porridge this morning had a dessertspoon of desiccated coconut, a scant teaspoon of jam but no sultana's. Not too bad and we will have that this week then try dropping the jam next week.

We had our first air frost Saturday night Sunday morning. Our night time temperatures have slowly been dropping and we have learnt that whatever the temperature is forecast, to take off around 4C  for living in the country.

The menu tab for last week has now been added.

The front garden and window sill boxes, still have flowers:
On a different note, I just can't seem to get into the mood to make things as local gifts for this Christmas:(

Chastizing myself I finally found some fabric I liked from my stash of leftovers for quilting, so measured and cut what I wanted.

I can't say what I am doing as people in receipt of them read this blog. Also taken into consideration is the weight of the object and its thickness as some have to go by post!

I have been perusing blogland and beyond looking for ideas and have now settled on something, with a slight twist. They are now cut out, only 2 more stages to go and they will be finished. Come on Dc, come on:)

Scarlet, thanks for your comment. I haven't posted it as you had a name in it:)


  1. Good luck with the porridge Dc, I've been meddling with Jim'd homemade muesli (porridge for colder days) and he is finding it "different" but "Perfectly acceptable"! I have my FULL FAT greek yoghurt with flax and hemp seed sprinkled over it. Our Sugar Free enters its 3rd week and we are loving it, we've re-discovered our taste-buds too. Feeling a bit ambivalent about Christmas as we shan't be here but in New Zealand, I can't really get motivated and I have 4 hand-made presents to get cracking on! Your garden is looking amazingly summery, we have some flowers but not nearly as many.

    1. Don't think we could go no sugar but reducing it will be a bonus. Sugar just seems to be in everything.

  2. I am still managing to sprinkle a few fresh raspberries on my porridge. I just think sugar in fresh fruit can't be that bad. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the way flowers can be enjoyed way into Autumn. I have a rogue sunflower in full bloom. Still managing to avoid an air frost here in the Cotswolds.:)

    1. We have a whole branch of big blackberries trying to ripen, hope they make it!

  3. I have not made it with cutting sugar, but in my porridge I did for months with out it in it. Must be an acquired taste, and as of yet I have not. I did switch to stevia powder in it.
    I am not even making gifts, I need to for one special little one's baby shower, in December.
    Your garden is lovely.

  4. We have cut it a little in cakes but could do more. Porridge for me is proving harder but am getting there.


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