Tuesday 24 April 2018

A blur...

It is a current fact that our days are merging into a blur. Thank goodness we can manage to keep the calendar up to date!

A nice side effect of having Ruby is my insomnia has disappeared and DB is also sleeping like a log. I think we are both very tired mentally and physically by about 9pm and as soon as she goes down (around 10pm), we go to bed. Each day though is getting better as we learn her routines and she ours.

She has been dry for the past 3 mornings so that side of things is going in the right direction and as soon as she is let out of her crate, dashes outside for a wee and poo!

She is trying our patience at the moment by constantly trying to climb up when we sit down for a much needed cup of tea. We keeping standing up and walking away and mostly, she follows us.

It seems so hard to constantly be saying no, especially when she has a mad few minutes of wanting to bite. We end up standing up (hard work from floor level) and say her name and no in a loud firm manner. If she fails to stop after 3 no's, she gets held down on the floor and told no again (similar to what her mother would do). That usually works.

She seems to have mostly mastered the 'sit' command and we are working on the 'down' and come.

Every day we fit in outdoor chores when she is sleeping in her crate, go in the car (yesterday 13 miles with a bit of whinging) and a walk in her bag everyday (around 1 mile).

Had my much needed massage today.


  1. It sounds as if Ruby is slowly but surely learning to be aa well trained dog.

    God bless.

    1. Trying to keep her sponge mind occupied!

  2. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job, well worth all the hard work.

    1. Every day she starts something new, certainly keeping us on our toes.


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