Wednesday 18 April 2018

Lost in time....

Even if we hadn’t brought Ruby home, we think we would still be a bit disconknockerated after a fortnight away!

Walking buddy E., came for lunch and a play with Ruby. She commented on how settled she was. That is a nice comment to receive but we feel we are saying ‘no’ a lot, which apparently is quite a normal thing to feel.

By Tuesday she was doing most toileting outside which is a bonus. Although she knew where the door was to go out, it will be a while we think before she connects the door with the urge to go.

She continues to sleep through the night until about 06:20 or so. As we are woken by the day chorus around 05:30, we are usually just drifting off again. She sleeps for now in the lounge with us in the back of the house, so unless she is howling/screaming, we don’t really hear her too much and for the most part, get up between 06:30 and 07:00.

She waits quietly when we enter the room for us to let her out of her crate. DB calls her outside whilst I clean up her toilet pen attached to the crate. Most mornings there is usually only one or two wee’s on the paper.


  1. She's doing well. Puppies are a delight, but need so much training (and time!). We were fortunate with Betty, she slept through the night after the first 2 or 3 nights, and was toilet trained in about 5 days. She's currently 'helping' daddy by digging holes in the garden....

    1. Night toilet training will take longer because of the way we have chosen to do it but day time is going well most of the time. Off to the vet nurse today for a meet and greet.

  2. It sounds as if she is settling in really well.
    J x

    1. So far so good but her baby teeth are razor sharp:(


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