Thursday 26 April 2018

Last good day?

Weather wise that is! A final line of washing for this week is currently billowing in the breeze. Tomorrow, the weather looks horrendous and I think hail is due Saturday. Hopefully not, or all the fruit blossom will get knocked off:(

Ruby has already been out in her bag for a ‘walk’. We will take her out in the car again this afternoon. She is slowly settling into the car crate which is good.

She was dry for 4 mornings in a row but we reckon just couldn’t hold on and had a wee on the paper just before we went in today, so progress there as well.

I think we are all training each other at the moment!

We need to buy an extra wide gate for the archway into the kitchen as we don’t want her in there at all. This is both for safety with us and also visiting DS and DDiL, as their dogs are not allowed in the kitchen except to go out the back door.

I went to the vets for the first ‘parent’ puppy socialisation classes. The final 4 are with her. It will cover quite a lot of things so should be good. Only a total of 5 puppies will be present and they need to be wearing proper collars and on a lead, that should be interesting!

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