Monday 30 April 2018

Way behind....

What with being away, adjusting to life with Ruby, my seed ordering and sowing is way, way behind. No home sown tomatoes or chilli peppers this year, instead I shall buy those in.

My half bag of compost is now in the conservatory warming up and the electric propagator has come down from the attic. Seeds have arrived and pots will come in. Adjusted growing for this year will be lettuces, beetroot, carrots, dwarf french and dwarf runner beans, tomatillos (a month late in sowing so who knows). Plus the bought in and grown on tomatoes and chilli plants.

Horrendous weather forecast, hoping we don’t flood! Keep safe those of you in the south west and us in the east.


  1. I haven't started either - MUST get going.
    Not today thought - horrible weather!!!
    J x

  2. We are way behind too and only made a start last week. Hope the weather improves and praying the floods don't cause too much damage.

  3. Our weather is finally turning. I hope to be planting the Victoria Day weekend. That is the 19th, 20th and 21st of May.

    God bless.


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