Monday 16 April 2018

What's been going on then ....

First of all, welcome to Jan via Bloglovin.

DS and DDiL have bought a house and moved into it from rental accommodation. The house fell through once then all came good and exchange of contracts and moving happened in a very short time!

On top of all that happening, Miss M. had a planned litter of puppies. Her first mating wasn't successful, this one was but coincided with the move!

We went up to help and after 2 days moved into the new house with the puppies to look after them. They were by then, 6 weeks old and not only growing rapidly, but exercising a lot. They were contained for the most part in a large indoor pen in the kitchen but let out several times, into the kitchen to build up strength, speed and agility in their legs. Also for us to change their very wet and soiled newspaper.

The puppies we met at 6 weeks old were totally different to those at 8 weeks old when we left. We are not as young as we once were and this move, their 4th, proved quite tiring. DS and DDiL though, were just as tired, and we were all glad to get into bed at night. All the puppies slept through every night until they heard us coming down the stairs, which was a boost.

We returned to the old house to help clean it up and tidy the garden, then went back to the new house (inbetween the puppies feeding times) to help unpack boxes, up and down to the attic with empty boxes, look after puppies (feed, clean, entertain) and DB was also kept busy sorting out household problems that required his DIY skills.

So phew!

More tomorrow...


  1. So pleased that it all turned out well for them in the end. Xx

  2. What busy bees you are. May DS and DDiL be very happy in their new home. I now have a DSiL, and enjoyed the wedding on Saturday. It's so lovely to watch our children growing up and building lovely homes and strong relationships, isn't it?

  3. Crikey! A busy time.
    I'm afraid I'd have been too fascinated with puppy antics so would've been no help to anyone🐶!

  4. Wow ... talk about everything happening at once!!

    I bet you were glad to collapse into bed each night.

  5. I hope they will be very happy in the new home snd Ruby is a beautiful addition to yours!


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