Friday 20 April 2018

Another glorious day today

Not quite as hot as yesterday thank goodness but hot enough! Mind you, the weather forecast states thunderstorms overnight on Saturday, hope they don't wake Ruby!

Managed to go food shopping today so one thing back on the agenda, normality slowly resuming.

Normally I would grown my own peppers and tomatoes but have decided this year to buy them in from a local nursery. Other than weeding the raised beds, nothing else has been done. Ruby sleeps anywhere from 1 - 2 hours during the day, so just like a human baby, we tend to store up our tasks to do until then.

She had a bath in plain water today as she was beginning to smell a bit ripe. She wasn't too fazed by it but was happier when DB held her whilst she stood on her back legs up the inside of the bath. It also made it easier for me to pour some water over her without alarming her too much. Didn't do her head this time.

Dried her thoroughly with a towel then when almost dry, she went to sleep outside in the sun for a short while. She smells a lot better now and is very soft!

Had her first wee on the patio, a different surface, so that is also good. Have begun training her to 'sit' which for the most part she understands as she already does that for her food. Going to do 'down' next. We are still trying to get her used to going in her car safety crate which we think might be a longish process. We stopped off to buy her a 'treats' snake thing which can have her dried food put into it. We pushed 7 pellets into it, put her in the crate and got almost home before she started getting agitated.

Her vet nurse visit went well and she weighed 4.125kg which she said was a good weight, neither too light nor too heavy. Booked her in for socialisation classes which for her, begins a week on Tuesday for 4 weeks. As 'parents', we have to go the first week by ourselves so they can let us know what they will be doing. If she won't be left alone by then, DB will look after her whilst I attend.

Onwards and upwards. Have a great weekend folks.


  1. She sounds to be doing really well, long may it last.

  2. The big thing about any noises, bangs etc it not to react to them yourselves.
    It's hard not to reassure a dog but if you do they will start trembling next time to get a pat.
    They take their lead from you; if you react they will too. Think of how their mum behaves with puppies.


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