Tuesday 16 March 2021

Trail Mix Granola Bars

Another recipe from the same site can be found here.

I no longer had an 8" x 8" tin so bought a reduced price non stick one, not just for this but other recipes as well.

I lined it in both directions so the entire thing was lined. Once everything was in there, I pressed it down with a potato masher.

Herewith our version. As you can see, we cut them into 16 squares rather than 8 fingers. They go a little soft after a few days and are slightly sticky on the bottom but gorgeous:

If I had had any chocolate leftover from doing the banana bites, I was going to dribble it over the top of these for an extra touch.


  1. I had a crack at these but they turned out as nutty rubble. On the first cooking the middle was very soft and the outsides and bottom stuck to the parchment paper like glue. I managed to scrape the middle out and cook that a little longer on a silipat sheet and it stuck together a bit more, but not as a solid; unfortunately when I tasted them the fruit was burnt... not my finest hour! I think I should have spread the mixture out more thinly, but it looked like it wouldn't stick together if I did. Yours look wonderful, which is what inspired me, but I think I'll go back to slightly more oaty nut bars! Once you pick out the burnt raisins it's very tasty rubble!

    1. Ours was about 1/2” deep at the most. They too stuck but we managed to get most of it off. We did chop the nuts a little bit felt they needed chopping more. Will try again though.


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