Saturday 13 March 2021

Chocolate Almond Butter Banana Bites

The recipe for this comes from here.

I used 2 bananas just to make sure we would like them, which we do. Slices of banana are placed on a lined pan. A small dollop of almond butter (or nut butter of your choice) is dabbed on top, before another slice of banana is added and gently pressed down:

They are then frozen for one hour before being half dipped in a few melted chunks of chocolate, with a smidgen of coconut oil in it to stop the chocolate from cracking when eaten:
We leave them to thaw for 5 minutes before eating. Any firmer than that and we get toothache from the chill. We have 3 each with a cup of tea, yum!



  1. They look like very yummy treats

  2. Those are my 3 favourite combinations. Sounds delicious.

  3. The look brilliant. I already usually make Banana Choc Ices, literally just halves of banana dunked into melted chocolate and then frozen, but the addition of a nut butter is great. Soon I will have a big enough freezer to start doing things again and then I will try these.

    1. Yours would be brilliant sandwiched together as well.

  4. These sound delicious. Thanks for sharing and glad you are doing well.

  5. What a lovely and healthy treat. Very simple to make as well.

    God bless.


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