Tuesday 26 October 2021

Up and up!

 On our way out this morning, we noticed petrol had gone up 3p per litre since last week. Our shopping bill, still for the usual items, is about 30% more than 6 months ago. Still buying a few extra things each week to put away, spreading the cost for the next few months.

Come January, the full tax import and export duty will be fully implemented at all ports. Remember the chaos last year when they tried to implement it and we were given extra time to sort it out. I don’t know if we/other countries have done that, or whether the border force have been increased. I do know, on some blogs, that people have mentioned the increase in fields used for storing shipping containers that can’t currently go anywhere.


  1. I sometimes wonder why prices never seem to fall on anything other than fuel for vehicles and that takes it's own sweet time.

    God bless.

    1. Our government puts a huge amount of tax on our fuel. Even when the barrel oil price drops, they don’t ever miss out.

  2. Prepare for a certain amount of chaos, I guess. Petrol is shockingly costly now - it's jumped up so much since the 'crisis'.


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