Monday 12 August 2013

Birthday/Engagement Cake

I normally don't top our cakes and we don't eat them very often, but this cake was for special occasions. DB had a very special birthday recently - that does deserve cake. DS. & FDiL. getting engaged and us visiting them this last weekend - well, that most definitely deserves some cake, so one cake was made for both occasions.

Using four eggs as the weight for ingredients, I weighed the equal amount of S.R. Flour, margarine but only 3 eggs weight of sugar. We always cut down on the sugar as we find all bought cakes and most recipes far too sweet for us. Everything was put into the bowl at the same time and mixed well.

1/3rd was removed to a bowl and had pure orange essence added. The other 1/3rd had vanilla essence added and the 1/3rd left in the main bowl had cocoa added.

Two sandwich cake tins were lightly greased and base lined with silicone paper. The orange mixture was divided between them in one area, likewise the vanilla, then finally the chocolate one. They were carefully smoothed without mixing them and baked for 25 minutes at 180C.

After a slight cool and removal from the tin, they were left to go cold. You can just about make out the three different areas.

One half was then topped with my Elderflower and Vanilla Jam.
I am not too keen at all on ready made butter icing but needs must - update - it truly is horrible so frugal or not, the other half of the icing has gone to the great dustbin in the sky. However, before that, some was scooped into a bowl and had cocoa and orange essence added to taste. The other half of the cake was placed on top of its bottom bit, then the cream smeared on the top.

One normal size bag of Maltesers was added to the top, followed by a light dredge of cocoa powder. There you have it, one celebration cake.

It was immediately put into a cake storage thing, placed in a cool bag and taken up to DS. & FDiL. We only managed to have one slice each so half was left for them, and the rest brought back home.


  1. It's beautiful! I don't like ready made frosting either.

    1. We normally just eat cake as it is. Only my son J. really liked the icing. We thought it far too sweet.

  2. This looks and sounds amazing! Hope you enjoyed every morsel of it and congratulations to everyone for all the special celebratory occasions. :)

    1. Thank you. We finished it off today giving some to the neighbours who watered our plants whilst we were away at the weekend. Everyone had a good time.

  3. Your cake looks wonderful and Congratulations all round. I hate butter cream or frosting its far too sweet for me. I do like the sound of the elderflower and vanilla jam though. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend with your family and its always good to share.

  4. Mmmn that cake looks gorgeous.

  5. Those cakes are delicious! And malteasers used to be my favourite.

    Sft x


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