Friday 16 August 2013

How remiss...

First of all, welcome to Melissa Cushing via Bloglovin.

Naughty old me, memory must be going or else I have been wrapped up in other things. I suddenly realised I had not given for 2 whole months! Tut tut.

I was asked the other day why I mention giving on my blog. My first response was, well why not. It is my blog and I can mention what I like within lawful reason. Anyway, it had me thinking and I realised it is because I can. Regardless of how much or how little money can be spared each month, living off a pension, there is always someone worse off than ourselves. It most certainly is not to appear a little Miss Goody Two Shoes, far from it.

I think one of the reasons and probably the main one, apart from the above ability to be able to give, is that I might mention charities you may not have heard of, both local, national and international. If anyone is struck by any of them and wishes to give as well, they can do so.

So, a double give this month - gulp!

The first is Tapping House Hospice. As you read recently, my dear friend B. passed away 17 days after being diagnosed with cancer. Her funeral was on Wednesday 14th August. There was not a single hospice bed available in our local area for her to be admitted to, so she died in hospital. Good as they may be, I gather the last few days were not the easiest, due to the ward being very busy, which is a crying shame.

Tapping House already has a hospice in Norfolk, but in a village near King's Lynn, called Hillington, they are planing to build a new place. It is too late for B. but not for others, and none of us know whether we will be in such a position ourselves. Here is a link to their new development

I had to email them to find out how to write a cheque rather than donate on line. Cheques to be made payable to The Norfolk Hospice.

The second charity is Water Aid, whose web link is here

We are so lucky in this country, as are most of the developed world, to have good quality, clean drinking water (yet people still choose to buy bottled water - which is their right but I'm never sure why they are doing it). It is not getting any cheaper. Whilst our bills continue to rise, we will still have clean water to drink. I just cannot imagine a small child heading off with their sibling/s, often walking for miles to bring back a very heavy container/s of water, which may or may not be of dubious quality.

However, clean drinking water is not just the issue, sanitation is another. Yes, if for some reason we have water cut off, we grumble about the inconvenience of having to go without flushing or using another source of water to do so, and horror of horrors, not being able to wash or clean our hands afterwards. Many, many people never have such a luxury. Can't feed your baby and have somehow managed to get some powdered milk? Which is worse, your child dying of starvation because you don't have the milk, or poisoning them making up a formula in filthy bottles with contaminated water!
Cheques can be made out to WaterAid.

So there you have them, my two charities I'm giving to this month to try and catch up. Take them or leave them, it is entirely up to you!


  1. Water aid are brilliant. I do a little regular standing order to them. Clean water means less illness=chance of education and work= stability = hope for the country

    1. I don't think we in the more developed countries appreciate the full value of water as you have stated above.

  2. If every one who has gave a little to those who have not the world could change, maybe not overnight but it would change. We make a point to never ignore a collection box or tin, even a few coppers help.

    1. As in all things of life we think, every little helps.


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