Thursday, 6 February 2014


The last few bits of materials I have found from my college and university days were these - marbling:

We were supposed to be only using paper but I asked the tutor if she had any material and she found me a few small sheets of cotton.

They have now been washed and apart from some of the black around the rust coloured circles on the top right sheet, all colours stayed put. Hopefully they will be able to be utilized in future work.

I have also updated War Diary IV for anyone who is reading this.


  1. I LOVE marbled fabric, AND paper, but I have never ever got round to doing it.These look very successful. Perhaps we should pool our talents and get together!

  2. Well you never know. Trouble is, I can't remember whether the cotton sheets were dry or wet but do believe they were fabric paints we dropped on top of the stuff - not 100% positive though.

  3. well I think when you use paper the paper is initially dry but you drag it through the foam, don't you so it would get damp - no idea!


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