Friday 19 February 2016

And she's back...

I have no excuses for my absence, I've just had a few rest days when I simply couldn't be bothered to do much at all, other than the usual 'chores'. Oh, and enjoying myself with some gaming!

Sometimes, you just have to obey what you and your body wants to do - so I did.

We have both now decided that we like this 'new' version of GF Bread - on the left:

It has some vege-gel in to hold it together and it really works, especially after defrosting when it used to fall apart a bit when you spread it with something. Thanks to The GF Alchemist!

Whilst we were making that one, I also found another version by someone else for a sub style bread bap - made into a loaf on the right, the link to which is here.

Here is what it looked like, once sliced lengthways into 8 slices:
It was nice but went stale quickly so became nice toast! We shall have another attempt and fiddle with it. Have a lovely weekend folks!


  1. I so admire you trying all of the bread recipes, I have tried several and all of them only got cooked the once, I've now given up and buy the supermarket one. Every time I read about a new one you've tried it makes me feel guilty. ha ha.


  2. That's quite a difference in size, looks good though. You are very good to keep trying all these bread recipes xxx


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