Thursday 4 February 2016

Aye up!

Apologies for the brief absense, but not much to say, so didn't!

A bright but cold morning has arrived and we were out early (leaving the house at 08:15) to go food shopping. We got back at 10:00 having been to a wood yard to check out some fencing panels.

All being well, tomorrow should see the start of the fence on one side of the front garden, as well as some gates to the driveway. When our grand-dogs visit, they have to cram themselves outside the dining room door, into a long but very thin bit of garden.

Master L, often manges to snag the end of his tail on something, making it bleed. So now when they visit, they will have the whole of the driveway to investigate. Hopefully, it should only take a few trips outside, to get them to sit at the correct door!

Went to the doctors on Tuesday, to discuss the use of beta-blockers for one element of my heart problem,  and started on them yesterday. As it happens, my tachycardia switched itself off late Monday, after nearly 3 weeks (apart from of course, the day I went to see the specialist).

It is quite tiring having a heartbeat constantly around the 140 mark, with an elevated blood pressure to match. As I said, Monday evening saw it all start to calm down again and hopefully, the tablets will stop it starting again. If not, other measures will need to be taken.

At least this event was half that of the November/December one.


  1. When my dad died in his sleep in his 60s and I was clearing our his house I found all the meds he had been prescribed un-opened in the drawer or bottles of half taken meds. He did nt want to be a "pill-popper" as you put it.
    We are living as long as we are these days mainly because of modern medicine...
    I have been on a statin for twenty years and my mother was on bp meds for almost sixty years. She did exactly as her doctor told her and took her meds faithfully. It sounds like your condition needs managing for the rest of your life even if some days/weeks may be better than may take a while to get the right regime going but stick with it and accept it and it will make you well enough to enjoy your life fully.
    (My mum had her pacemaker replaced five times over the thirty years she had one - she was fit and active; drove her car, did her own housework/shopping/meds almost until she died at almost 96)

    1. Thanks for that Lizzie. If I am prescribed medicine I take it, but like to discuss all angles with the doctor first. So far so good and I am hoping for no/few side effects.

  2. I'm sure I heard recently that one of the main causes of stroke in women was an un-checked irregular heatbeat. So best to get sorted - hope new tablets work well

  3. Hope the beta-blockers help you DC.. I have high blood pressure and have been on medication for a year now..

    1. Blood pressure also returned to normal on Monday so that was good.

  4. Good to hear that you haven't had any side effects so far. Beta-blockers were the thing that helped me to feel so much better. I hope that they have the same effect on your heart problem and you can avoid the need for anything further. Take care. x


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