Monday 22 February 2016


First of all, welcome to Jacqueline Griffiths and Nadine Thomas via Bloglovin.

We have had a lovely long weekend with DS and DDiL, this time minus dogs! Whilst we all missed them, it was nice nonetheless, to have a really leisurely lazy weekend, doing not much at all. DS bought himself a game for PS4 for me to play with before handing it onto to him. Unfortunately I am one of those so called 'irritating' gamers that need to invert both x and y camera's and this one doesn't allow me to do the x one so I can't play it!:(

I think I shall have to play an old game and have a go at 'normal' play and see if I can change.

In celebration of their visit, I cooked once again, the chocolate fudge cake (GF), the recipe for which, can be found here.

It was a little bit more fragile this time, not sure why, but still delicious. I sandwiched it together with apricot jam and creme fraiche, then decorated the top with chocolate ganache:

I didn't have the correct cream to make the ganache, only Elmlea, but it worked just as well and tasted about the same. I also don't have 8" or 9" sandwich cake tins, only 7" which makes the cake almost too tall for my cake storage container!

We have decided next time we make it, to freeze one sandwich cake, then use the other one, to make a shorter version. That way we can top it with cream and fresh fruit, or mascapone and fruit, fruit and jelly etc.

We ate just over half of this between us all, 1/4 went into the freezer and we ate the other quarter yesterday.

We were out Saturday night at a lovely pub, celebrating their 1st Wedding Anniversay, my, how time flies.


  1. I intended to send a message last week wishing your DS and DDiL a Happy Anniversary, but I've been laid low with a chest infection and I forgot to do lots of stuff....sorry!

    Where has that year gone? It's hard to believe it's a whole twelve months since the 'big days'!

    Our DS and DDiL spent their anniversary at the cottage they visited for their honemoon, so we’ll be celebrating with them next weekend instead!

    The big news here is that DS is going to Hamilton in Bermuda for work, it's a huge promotion and the chance of a lifetime! His company owns property over there, so the firm are providing a house for them, a five bedroomed place with a three bedroomed guest house/bungalow in the grounds, so we're seriously considering going with them! It would be an enormous upheaval, but there are lots of options for our house to be lived in and looked after whilst we're away, one of which is my best friend living free of charge in our house and caring for the chooks and donkeys, the dogs would be coming with us!

    We're not sure yet whether or not we'll go with them, but it's looking more likely every day! I'm not great with intense heat, but the house and bungalow are both air conditioned and there's a private swimming pool, so it's very tempting!

    They're going out there next month, so we'll have to make a decision fairly soon, but I feel we should take the chance, we can always come home if we want to, and as DS's company is paying for the accommodation it's probably too good an opportunity to pass up!

    Atter the long, dark, wet winter we've all just been through, a bit of sun sounds very appealing!

    1. Happy Anniversary to them too! Well, I hate the heat but think I would also be tempted. You've got nothing to lose and like you say, can come back!


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