Friday 5 February 2016

G F Pancakes... UPDATED

Next Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day. We love pancakes although I have to be honest, I love them more than DB. We came across this recipe and gave it a whirl. We made up the full amount and had half of it freshly made, the other half will be used today to see if there is any difference! To be honest, I think it would also work with a bag of bought in gf flour.

(Yes, there is a slight difference. The second day, all the flour had sunk and it took a while to whisk everything up. They cooked the same and the texture seemed the same. There was however one difference. When cooling, those cooked immediately seemed to become less pliable than the ones today. They stayed soft and floppy. The way to go methinks!)

I chose to use a small non-stick frying pan. As the butter is already in the mix, it didn't need to be greased further.  After the rubbish first one (always the cooks treat), we got on with it. I used just under a 1/4 cup measurement, poured it in and left it until you could see little humps appearing:
I found it needed to be swirled quickly as although it looked like milk, they started to set quite quickly. Then it was flipped over:
It took a while and the occasional extra flip to get it browning correctly:
Each one, once ready, was put into the oven. Once 5 were done, DB came and got them:
We had 5 each, with a selection of lemon juice and sugar or proper maple syrup. They were very nice, not much difference in taste to non GF ones.

I do have another recipe to try for Oat pancakes and shall do those over the weekend.


  1. Oooh they look very yummy! They are making my mouth water....

  2. Pancakes look yummy, just love them too. Woo xx

  3. I think they would work very well in a GF Lasagna instead of pasta, even though I know you can buy GF pasta, these would work and be cheaper.

  4. They look good.. I love pancakes too :o)

  5. When we first made these, we made the flour up as in the brackets. Today, we used ready made flour and they were different, more chewy, less light.

  6. I was sent a link to a recipe for flourless pancakes - basically it is banana and egg. I thought you might like a look.


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