Wednesday 28 December 2016

14 and a bit!

For some reason, we had less gf bread in the freezer than I thought so ran out of it over the festive days. Yesterday I made a loaf plus 14 and a bit gf cheese (Boursin & Cheddar) scones. A few of them here - they always look pale as I use white cheddar:
I made soup from leftover lamb, gravy, pepper, onion, carrot and a tin of tomatoes:
It and the scones were good if I say so myself and there is enough left over for another day.


  1. Can I have your scone recipe please they look fab I can never get mine to rise enough lol

    1. The scones above are under the gluten free tab. Normal scones are under recipes. Secret is to use a 2" cutter and not roll them less than 1" thick. Any thinner and they stay flatter.

  2. Thanks for the scones tip I'm gonna give them a go.


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