Monday 12 December 2016

Health Investment

Our walking buddy E., like myself, feels not as fit as we should be. Yes we walk 4 -5 miles every week, plus she walks her dog twice a day and DB and myself usually add another 2 -3 miles a week on top. Not too bad really but both E. and myself felt something was missing and we should be doing more.

As we age, our muscles and skeleton, don't remain as strong as they once were, plus we are slowly gaining a little weight despite not generally eating more than usual - Christmas notwithstanding! I think my heart medicine has something to do with some of my gain as well.

She has joined a relatively local swimming and gym place. Indeed, she wanted me to go as well but swimming is not my thing and I don't have a costume. Besides, to be honest, getting ready, driving to a venue, swimming, showering, getting redressed and driving back home just does not do it for me.

I have been looking around for some form of alternative that I can do at home that allows me to quickly change into shorts and get going and I have found it. I blame Andy Murray, he has a very posh and expensive resistance machine to help him but the principle appealed to me.

One of the goods things about being careful with money is that we don't generally spend much. I have my own tiny pension and monthly allowance from DB's pension, coming in every month which rarely gets spent so it is easy to save.

Due to the price of this piece of equipment, I thought long and hard about buying it but for myself, it feels the right piece of equipment to exercise every muscle in my body, give me a good cardio workout and has a low impact on my joints. What's not to like.

It was ordered on Sunday and arrived Wednesday. We shopped around and got it with free 3 year warranty. Most sites you have to pay a little extra but it is p & p free - a bargain.

DB assembled it for me - it took him 12 minutes. There is a video online showing how to do it plus a booklet comes with it. It also comes with basic workout instructions and menu planning should you also wish to lose weight. I want to tighten up my flabby bits. If I lose a little weight into the bargain, excellent! It comes semi assembled, just legs, handles and a bit of tightening up to do:

The final photograph is from their web site, see link above. It is quite high (but easily height adjustable for each person) and is currently living in the front room to make sure I use it every day. When you stand on it, with both feet level to begin, the top handles should be around chin level, just to let you know. It can be folded down to about the height of an ironing board if required. There are many video's online showing excersing on it. One that I like to watch is from Rosalie!

It recommends doing 10 minutes a time for 3 - 4 workouts  a day in the first week! I barely managed 1 minute for the first few attempts. However, after a few days, I am  around the 4 minute mark, 3 - 4 times a day and I can most certainly feel it!

I have chosen to do just do a few minutes each session, as I want to slowly get fit not injure myself. Mind you, a few minutes at a time is all I can manage! People who moan about this machine are either very fit or not using it correctly.

You can listen to music whilst exercising (I am in the process of getting some music organised) and if it is pointing the right direction, I could watch television! Here is a link to climbers in general including the maxi climber here.

Have a good weekend. 

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