Thursday 29 December 2016

Visitors ...

Hoorah - DS and DDiL managed to visit for a couple of nights and brought presents with them. Due to family health circumstances we thought they might not be able to make it but they have.

One of the things they bought us as a joint present was a board game:
Ww will keep it here and play whenever they come down. We have played and enjoyed Pandemic with them, it is one of my favourite games that they have. This like other games that have been adapted, is a completely different beast.

As the game progresses, decisions are made for you and the board gradually gets permanently altered, which doesn't happen in the normal game.

At the end of each game, whether you win or lose, stickers are added to the board and cards, which again, change the dynamic of the game. Other cards are dispensed with and have to be torn in half and discarded:
That feels really odd and goes against the grain!

After two practices (not using the new rules) to remind ourselves how to play it, we did the first game in the new style and just won - with only 3 cards remaining which would have meant we would have lost. Are you confused?

I think in normal Pandemic you can play with or against each other. This version really needs everyone to play as a team. You really do need to discuss strategic moves before each player plays in order to stand a chance of winning.


  1. Sounds like hard work! Seriously, I'm sure it's a very good game, gets you thinking.


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