Thursday 1 December 2016

Third successive night of frost

It wasn't forecast for last night but it came nonetheless. Maybe the garden will get the hint and start closing down!

We had a beautiful frosty but sunny walk this week. It was wonderful but so odd to be wrapped up and wearing sunglasses! We estimated that the sun for us, this time of year, is at an angle of about 35 degrees. Any warmth from it is always welcome but it is also annoyingly dazzling being so low.

I bought some new full slippers this week, I don't normally wear full ones and after a while took them off as my heel was getting sore. It eventually impinged on our walk and I had to tuck a tissue down my boot, blooming feet.

More knitting, crochet and family history today as we received some photographs and information yesterday for me to investigate- exciting.


  1. We have had four days of snow. Tomorrow, well it is supposed to snow again! Thank heavens I like snow, not so much the cold, but I do like snow.

    God bless.

  2. It's been very frosty here too. The car took a lot of scraping when I wanted to use it on Monday.


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