Monday 26 December 2016

Postal Presents for this year

I created two types of presents for posting to family and friends for this year. Two crocheted lime green 100% cotton dishcloths:
or two 100% reversible, cotton fabric bowl covers. One started at 10" and the other 8":
The larger one covering a cereal bowl:
For our own use I made three of them, including a larger one (with blue inside) that started as a 12" circle:
I must start making a list of what I give to whom so I don't repeat them too often! I hope everybody liked them.


  1. Those are both very nice gifts. I like receiving usable gifts such as those that remind me of the person gifting them each time I use them.

  2. Great gifts! My MIL made us all dish cloths and tea towels last year and I absolutely loved them. Wish she'd made us them again this year!

  3. Those are very nice!
    I like your color choices.


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