Thursday, 8 December 2016


Eating gluten free is a choice for me not a necessity. It started when I was having guests last Christmas, one of whom had stopped eating gluten and I needed to bake things for them that were GF. A year down the line, DB, myself and both members of that family are now predominently GF. Our guest since going gf has rid herself of some debilitating abdomen pains and all of us feel fit and well.

I am trying to remember to make and bake a few things at a time to save turning my small oven on too often - I don't always remember. This week I baked our weekly loaf of GF bread - no photo as I am sure you have seen them often enough.

I also made a GF quiche and a GF Jamacian Gingerbread from here:

Kate's also slumped a little in the middle but I think mine went a little further down (about 1/2"), due to opening the oven 10 mins before the 1 hour to check it (my oven usually runs a little hot).

Anyway, I reduced the sugar by 30g and it is still sweet enough for us and I needed to bake mine for 1 hour and 10 minutes.

We tested a small slice on the first day - lovely. On the second it was sticky like a good gingerbread should be and truly delicious. We have frozen half for future use. Thanks again Kate, another winner.

Oh, we also had some with custard and banana - decadent!


  1. I love the sound of the gingerbread, definitely on my list to give a go.

  2. Thanks DC. I have made it a few times now and it is definitely a cake to 'know your oven' with, but the taste is amazing and Miss GF begged me to take it out early after it slumped the first time, because she loves it extra gooey! I reckon making it in 2 one pound tins may be a little more predictable!

    1. Probably but either way, it is lovely.


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