Sunday 25 December 2016

Merry Christmas Everyone!

When we are our own, it doesn't take us too long to open our presents. Here is what I received from DB and a few others:

The apron front left is from our walking buddy E. The walking socks second in from the right are from T., and the heart shaped slate coasters are from R. In the envelope, also from DB is a gift voucher.

I love Ellie Dean and these are probably her 8th and 9th books, most of which are woven around one family with other people walking in and out of the picture. The Code Girls is by a new writer to me so I hope I like her as well. I love all the presents.

We are having roast lamb for dinner. I shall make enough to plate up 4 meals (2 each), then I don't need to cook another day. Pudding will be individual clementine sponges, reheated. These were made a few weeks ago and frozen.

We started the trifle last night - yummy - and the GF Christmas Cake, or fruity Genoa slice as it was called, not so nice so another year I shall make our own:)

Weather permitting, we will also get in a walk each day, usually just 1 mile but one of those each day plus our weekly 4 mile walk, adds up to a good bit of health. It also helps to keep DB's bp levels reasonable.

A dark village walk was undertaken last night to view the lights and I gathered some eucalyptus leaves to decorate the picture frames.


  1. Merry Christmas
    Sounds like you have a lovely peaceful time planned-x-

  2. Merry Christmas!
    You received some lovely gifts!
    Blessings in the coming days!


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