Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A bit of the front and back gardens

I wandered around our back and front gardens the other day and sure enough, things are beginning to pop up. The snowdrops are dying, the daffs are beginning to bloom and all herbaceous shrubs and plants are sprouting.

From the front room:

Herewith the new heathers that I planted last autumn:
No pictures of the back but all fruit trees with the exception of the new Spartan apple tree and very stubborn Comice (never flowered), actually have fruit buds this year. We have had barely any apples from the Bramly as I think I kept cutting it back incorrectly. This year however, after shaping and trimming it properly for the last 2 years, it finally has some buds.

I sorted through my seed stash to see what needs sowing and must get on with it and also top one of the beds with the acrylic tops to warm up the soil.

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  1. I love your sewing table!

    Our patio pear flowered once in 6 years and then died, apparently they can be very picky about fruiting conditions. I hope yours bears fruit this year.


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