Friday, 31 March 2017


Welcome to Jenid via Bloglovin.

Here is the first view for this year, from our lounge, of the front gravel garden:
Almost everything is making an appearance although to be honest, some things never died off. The oriental poppies have been green all winter. The main bugbear in this garden is a low growing speedwell, which grows everywhere. It is closely followed by yellow corydalis, which although prettty, just gets everywhere. The final nuisance is some sort of low growing oxalis, tiny reddish leaves, slightly red stems, which I think is oxalis corniculata atropurpurea.

Whilst we have had some lovely sunny days, they have been accompanied by a brisk slightly chilly wind.

In the back, I am pleased to say, most fruit trees have blossom out (plums), or bunches waiting to emerge. This includes our, heavily trained, Bramley apple which I have been pruning (correctly now) for two years to get it to flower - it appears to have loads of blossom buds.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. That's a pretty view!
    Seems we all have garden invaders.
    Here henbit is a pain, I can not out wit it, or overcome it.
    I have been trying to revive an old blighted apple tree, no luck yet on that.
    I will probably just take it out, but I honestly hate losing trees.
    They are such a blessing.
    I'd like to get in a couple of peach trees.
    And the birds won out on the blue berry bushes.
    Mockingbirds can be a menace here.

    1. All our soft fruit is in a fruit cage otherwise we wouldn't get any!

  2. Even the weeds sound pretty!
    Herb Robert is the problem here, also pretty.......pretty annoying!

    1. I made the mistake of bringing arum maculatum into the back garden, a right royal nuisance.


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