Saturday 25 March 2017

A new to me

Gluten Free range that I came across in Lidl this morning:
They were £1.99 each (less 49p at the till). I think they are probably designed for one person but we bought one each of the above to try them out. They are meant to be cooked in the bag, in a microwave, but we did it in a pan so we could smell and view the contents before cooking. You can view their products here.

Before opening, I thought they were just a sauce but do in fact, contain a small amount of meat as described on each picture/label.

We had the Kerala Chicken curry with chips and peas for our tea, plus some extra chicken to eek it out for the two of us:

If you like very mild curry this is for you. Needed more heat for us but all in all, not too bad but we really needed a bag each.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. Lidl have some great things in, although I do prefer Aldi. It looks like you got yourself a bargain :)

  2. I like there as well - often Asda have them on offer, as do Morrisons


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