Friday 3 March 2017

Repairing water damaged ceiling in the kitchen

Welcome to tammy wilson and Di Saye via Bloglovin. You may remember reading about our kitchen ceiling collapsing - see here.

Well today, the company (I'm going to advertise here),we chose to fix it arrived, 2 hours and 15 minutes later, they left, leaving behind some excellent work. More importantly, they were well on time, laid down carpet protection from the front door to the kitchen, closed the front door to keep the heat in as our heating was off at the time, and cleaning up after themselves. You can find out more about them here.

We are paying for this ourselves as it is quite a lot cheaper to do so rather than paying the excess that the insurance company wanted.

We emptied all work surfaces to enable us to do our annual spring clean once they left. DB started that within 1/2 an hour. Once done, we will be free to carry on replacing the kitchen cabinet doors and draws.

Herewith the scene before work:
And after:

Just need to give it time to dry then we can paint it over to match the rest of the kitchen.

This firm was recommended to us by a neighbour and it was only when we phoned them, that we realised DS went to school with the owner - a small world.

Now we are waiting for their plumber to come and give us a quote to change the damaged bathroom radiator. Watch this space.


  1. It looks like they done a good job. It must be a relief to have that part of it sorted at least. X

  2. Looks like a good job, all matched in perfectly xxx


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