Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Gardening, hair and more gardening...

After getting a batch of towels washed and on the line, I began to empty one of the raised beds that sits on the patio area. DB kindly finished the job and sieved the rubbish out of the soil whilst I had my tri-monthly hair colour put on.

When the hairdresser had left, we had aforementioned roast beef soup for a late lunch. Once that had digested, DB helped me move the now empty raised bed to its new position on our little back, shaded patio.

Refilled with some plants from 4 troughs, (the rest were disgarded), the job was almost done.  Just need to top it with grit and it will look very nice.

DB meanwhile was busy in the garage, practising his 45 degree cutting skills, on some old kitchen cupboard cornice. New cornice will be added to the bottom of the finished cupboards before a top cornice is put on. Carpet tiles to change then some final pictures will be put on here.


  1. Just been reading our last post and my stomach is rumbling! That does look good.....

  2. I so wish we could get into the garden here. Still under snow though, I am hoping for May.

    God bless.

  3. I read your title as gardening hair and thought I was going to get a tale of you being dragged through a hedge or something! Glad that it was not so dramatic xxx


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