Monday, 13 March 2017

And they are all out! UPDATED

That is, all the singles tennis players at Indian Wells, who represent Great Britain! First it was Heather, closely followed by Andy, then Dan, Johanna and finally Kyle, although he like Johanna put up a good fight despite the scores. Despite Andy winning in Dubai he just isn't quite right so I wasn't surprised.

As for doubles both Jamie (and Bruno) and Andy and Dan are still in, both teams playing late evening. Let's hope at least one of those teams wins.

Lovely day here already, washing already on, bread to make and then some weeding.

Jamie and Bruno have just won their doubles match. Should Andy and Dan do the same, then they will play each other in the next round! Nope, they lost, hardly surprising considering the team they were playing.


  1. Not a good venue for them this year! Where are they next?

  2. Miami 21st for the women and men 22nd March. Hoping they both stay in the doubles.

  3. This is not the best of days for Andy as it's 21 years ago today since he was a P1 pupil in the other class at Dunblane Primary. Although he doesn't talk about the awful day, it must cross his mind each year. It was my daughter's 21st birthday that day and we spent the evening quietly at home here in Scotland unable to believe what had happened and unable to think of celebrating when others were mourning. Catriona


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