Tuesday 21 March 2017

Before, during, after...

Our patio runs along the whole back wall of the bungalow. There is about a 4" gap between the first lot of slabs and said wall. We currently have it lined with gravel from the driveway:
It always looks a mess as the birds are constantly searching for things in it. Also, the rest of the non-growing area of the back garden has red gravel on it, so they constantly get mixed up and it drives us both mad.

We took the decision to change it. DB cleared out the gravel and soil down to about 2", cut up some old compost bags into strips, pushed them well down front and back before temporarily holding them in place with a few stones:
Until I was free to lay some North Sea cobbles on top of it:
So far it has taken 4 bags of pebbles at £7 a bag (special offer). We think another 2 or 3 bags should finish the job.

It just looks so much better and now, we will only have to sweep the red gravel from the patio back to where it belongs. Much easier!


  1. That sounds very sensible - and looks good too!

    1. Thank you. No doubt weeds will still push through but we shall pour boiling water on them or sprinkle them with salt.


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