Thursday 15 June 2017

An interesting journey home!

Travelling home yesterday, we saw a plume of smoke suddenly  arise from the side of the road. Coming around the corner we encountered a large car on fire, towing a caravan. It must have just happened as only the bonnet was on fire.

However it quickly spread to engulf the front of the vehicle and things began to bang as small explosions took place.

Within a short while the police arrived, quickly followed by the fire brigade who moved quickly to extinguish it. Luckily the caravan seemed okay as it could have been a different story if the gas canisters from that had exploded!

Within an hour we were on our way. The elderly couple whose car it was were okay and no doubt waiting to get towed somewhere.


  1. Thank heavens the couple were OK and the fire didn't reach the caravan. and you got home eventually.

  2. Thank goodness all was well, the tower block fire was heart rendering.

  3. Thank goodness everyone was okay, and that the fire brigade got there so quickly.

    God bless.


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