Thursday 22 June 2017

Conversion ...

Firstly, welcome to Samantha Ashurst via Bloglovin.

We saw this car/wagon parked at Ingleton waterfalls and promptly sent a picture to DS:
Probably not large enough for them to think of, but an entertaining idea nonetheless!

Apparently, it is cooler today. Well, I have just spent an hour slowly cutting back and weeding in the front gravel garden and I am absolutely roasting, despite the dark grey cloud (bet we don't get any rain here). Outdoor temperature is just over 22C, indoors, just over 25C. Either place though, it is very humid.


  1. As an Immigration officer at a busy sea port I used to see all sorts of strange vehicles come off the ferry. There was one I had to examine that was an old army water carrier and the tyres were about 5ft in height. Very claustrophobic but a great conversion into living accommodation. Old ambulances were very popular and coaches with garage door to the rear to load a small car!

    1. This was the first one of these we had seen.

  2. Whilst we are up to about 20 now, the wind keeps it feeling so much cooler, we have still been wearing jumpers albeit thin ones. Love the conversion.

  3. Really windy here in Suffolk. We had rain - 5 minutes of it - did no good at all.

    Bit of a squeeze for sleeping in that van I reckon


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