Monday 12 June 2017

Well then ...

How is everything with you? Me, I am chuntering along, getting lots of walking in. The wet weather isn't holding us back. Normally I hate long walks in the rain but at the moment, am quite enjoying them.

The garden is thankful for the rain. The sun is chasing the rain away and the garden basks in her warming rays. Blimey, I have lost the plot!


  1. I quite understand your enjoyment of walking even in the rain.
    We took up Ilona's (Life after Money) challenge to walk 1000 miles in a year, last year. It sounds a lot but actually works out as less than 3 miles a day.
    She stressed that it was more about getting out every day and increasing the amount of walking you did rather than competing with anyone else.
    We walked every day last year bar about 10 and felt much better as a result both physically and mentally. This year we are continuing the regime and though I could wish it further sometimes I miss the days we don't walk and feel far more dissatisfied with myself.

    1. We probably manage around 500 a year, not sure we could do more. We aim for 8-10 miles a week at a fast pace.

  2. No rain here! Plenty of wind - got my washing dry in no time

    French Open final was a tad one sided.

    1. Certainly was, no-one would have beaten Rafa. Loads of wind here as well.

  3. We could use a bit of rain on the prairies of Canada, so if you could shoo a bit this way it would be greatly appreciated.

    God bless.


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