Tuesday, 20 June 2017

And the misery continues ...

For Andy Murray:(

Completely out of sorts, limping on occasions and holding his groin on occasion, it was a 'comedy' of errors almost from start to finish.

By game 2 set 1, I concluded he would lose the match but watched in hope. Ah well, I hope he can get himself sorted out for Wimbledon but am not sure. You are still my hero young man, best foot forward!

Jamie and Bruno won their tournament in Stuttgart last week and have their opening match tomorrow. Jo got through hers at Eastbourne so that was also good.

Andy is not alone in going out in the first round of Queen's, the top three seeds are now out as Stan and Milos also lost.


  1. Pretty Poor.
    But gives lots of youngsters a chance!

  2. As soon as I saw the sports news this morning, I thought of you! Frugal in Norfolk won't be happy, I said. On the other hand, though, Jordan Thompson is a really nice young man, from a lovely family. He's very grounded, down to earth and well behaved, unlike some young Australian tennis players one could mention. I taught Jordan in primary school (not tennis, of course, his dad did that!) and can assure you that if Andy had to lose, he couldn't have lost to a nicer player. Jordan has worked really hard for a long time to get to this point, so hopefully that will soften the sting of Andy's loss for you, at least a little bit?

    1. Jordan deserved the win, got to take it while you can in this game I think. If Andy had been in form might have been different. Bet Jordan was very happy, especially as he had lost in the last round of qualifying and got put in as the lucky loser.


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