Thursday 8 June 2017


I feel like a flat white coffee minus the caffeine!

I am having a few of those days at the moment, not sure why. The weather doesn't help one jot. Its feels like a storm front building up but without the release of a thunderstorm.

This week should have been a quiet one, but deliveries, dental and hospital appointments got  slotted in, making it a jumble of rushing here, there and everywhere. Poor DB has at times borne the brunt of it which isn't fair on him. So I try to hold onto it so as not to upset him further, poor chap!

In the end it becomes a vicious circle. Immediate family are caught up in grief and general disturbance, so can offer no help yet are in need of it themselves. I need to know they are okay, need to give them a hug and a kiss but can't physically get to them at the moment. It makes me feel so damn useless.

Sometimes, one gets spread a little thin and this is one of those times. We will all get through it as usual, just isn't pleasant whilst its happening:(

I hope to soon kick this black dog into touch 'cos he's being a right pain at the moment.


  1. Black dogs are difficult to banish and very personal.
    I find curling up with a book is good or tackling something I've been putting off.
    The thing I find most difficult is to try not to drag my nearest and dearest down too.
    I have a perverse wish for everyone to join my grump.
    One other thing I do is to stop reading any papers or watch or listen to any news. That just makes me worse.
    I hope today's sunshine helps. Sue

  2. What is it when everything seems to come at once.. you know you have appointments but life gets in the way, hope that black cloud lifts for you

    1. It will but feels like a heavy umbrella at the moment.


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