Wednesday 7 June 2017

Who would have thought!

We would have to have a burst of central heating and eat soup on a so called summers day?

The heating only went on for an hour but was needed and I made courgette and minted pea soup for lunch for two days:
Lovely colour.

It has gone from being warm in bed at night to chilly. Winter quilt has been exchanged for the summer one, and the flannelette sheets for ice cold cotton, maybe a bit early as it turned out:(

Hey ho, such is life on an island.


  1. What a lovely colour! It alternated mild sunny and really cold and wet here yesterday, we had stew for dinner. It's my fault because I threw my knackered winter coat away the day before :)

  2. I have had the summer quilt on the bed since the end of March because we both love a cold bedroom. The sunshine on the conservatory has heated the house throughout so we haven't had to resort to putting the heating back on.

  3. Wood burner lit last night and I nearly took a hot water bottle to bed!
    Haven't resorted to soup as we have so much salad leaf stuff to eat and can't say I fancy lettuce soup.

  4. We had to put the heating back on yesterday too. Leek and potato soup was on the menu, hardly fitting for June.

  5. It's ridiculous isn't it. I got my flannel pyjamas back out! Xxx


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