Thursday 29 June 2017


Saw us both wearing jumpers, eating soup for lunch, then putting on dressing gowns to settle for the evening. What a turnaround in temperatures. I think such jumps from warm to chilly is the reason why us Brits seem to talk about the weather so much!

My menu for this week had included a couple of salads but that has gone out the window and I had to do an extra small shop yesterday to get some soup ingredients and something to give us a hot meal.

We had mushroom soup yesterday and I shall make some more vegetable based soup for today.

Our 4 large but half filled water butts (behind the garage) feed into an old black dustbin. When this is full, a hose pipe leads from it to our small dustbin pond. Yesterday, DB donned on wet weather gear to go an see how full these were all getting.

He reported the water into the black dustbin was pouring in and the same was happening into the pond. All full then:)

The garden will be grateful but I think I shall have to give all the plants a light feed as we had so much rain, it would have washed all the feed through our light sandy soil. Hopefully now, the swelling beetroots will stop shrivelling and finish growing so I can harvest more than the two already eaten.

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  1. The wind here is blowing a gale. We are back on soups too.


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