Tuesday, 5 September 2017


A short while ago, we showed you some additions to our raised beds in the back gardens. Sue spotted what looked like hinges for a gate and you were correct.

Herewith finished additions. From end of patio to raised bed 1 - this was the only piece we had to buy, we had the rest:
Raised bed 1 to 2:
Outward opening gate between raised bed 2 and 3:
From raised bed 3 to fruit cage:
An awful lot of painting has taken place, both sides, twice, for each trellis piece.

When the Grand dogs come to stay, they have never been allowed out the back as being gun dogs, they would treat garden plants like those in the countryside. Its not their fault, just the way it is. Also, each bed around the edge of the garden has bare soil and we didn't want that brought into the house.

Yes, they could jump over them but shouldn't. One telling off from any of us and believe me, they wouldn't do it again.

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